Potty Watch Testimonials

The Potty Watch is the best thing ever. It helps the most at daycare when the adults forget to tell him to go. He doesn't refuse to try - when he hears the tune he runs to the Potty! I'm buying a pink one today for one of the daycare teachers. She loves it too. There are a lot of lazy moms out here, and if they knew about this watch they would be inspired to start potty training much earlier! - Melissa F. - Madison, WI

We received the new Potty Watch today and I couldn't believe how much better it sounds. I am very impressed with the new music; the songs are much more pleasant to listen to. Thank you again for all your help and for providing such a fund and different approach to potty training. - Stephanie S. - Oswego, IL

My 2 year old loves the Potty Watch. It's the only thing that got her to sit down and go on her own. (And saved me the headache of bringing her to the potty kicking and screaming when I knew she had to go). When the watch goes off she runs over and yells "potty watch!!" and then sits down and either pees or tells me that she doesn't have to! It's great, and it's been a lifesaver!! - Rachael F. - Wichita, KS

Thank you for personally responding to my concerns. It is not often that someone can put out a wonderful product and care enough to personally follow up on customer concerns. I am happy to report that with the help of the watch, my son is now completely potty trained. I know four moms who are using them as well and not one of them has had anything but wonderful things to say about them. Thank you for putting out such a great item on the market and for caring about the people you are helping. Your company is one of a kind. - Rachel A. - West Jordan, UT