Tips for New Incentive Potty Training

You can change your circumstance by changing your attitude. Potty training can be a fun, creative experience!

Principles of Potty Training

  1. Children want to please their parents.
  2. Force will always be met with resistance.

To really help your child learn and get potty trained . . .

Trainer - Mom, Dad, or Caregiver

Set a goal to bond closer with the child as you train.

  1. Be Positive
    Let the child know the goal as you introduce the watch.
  2. Be Patient
    There will be set backs, deal with them positively.
  3. Be Happy
    Remember, the child really wants to succeed.
  4. Be Smart
    This is a creative project; so make it FUN!

Trainee - Child

Set goals to help the child know when they've succeeded:

  1. Want to be a big boy or big girl.
  2. You want to "potty" in the toilet.
  3. You want to stay dry and not have stinky on your body.
  4. You want to wear big boy or girl underwear.