People Love the Potty Watch for Potty Training

“This watch has changed my life! Trying to get my daughter to go to the potty was such a fight, but now when her Potty Watch goes off she is excited to go to the bathroom!” -Tiffany B.

“This watch was such a big help potty training my son who has autism. Not only did it remind him to go, it also reminded me to take him... Thank you POTTY WATCH!!! We are BIG fans!” - Karen F.

“My daughter is 3 ½ and is STUBBORN! We tried sticker charts, reward systems, bribing with toys, bribing with treats, not allowing her to do things, etc, etc, etc. I then gave in and bought a Potty Watch, which we always see at Kid to Kid. NO ACCIDENTS SINCE! It’s been 3 days and I am amazed at how well it works and how much she loves it.” - Jesse S.

This is a wonderful product! We have had dry pants for 2 weeks! We would have paid ten times what we paid had we known our little one would have had so much success with this! Every potty training parent should get the Potty Watch!” - Jennifer Y.

“This is the best potty training helper, ever!!!” - Christy M.

Parents Have a New Ally in Toilet Training!

Half the Battle of Toilet Training is to remind the child when it's time to go potty. The Potty Watch™ by Potty Time takes care of that job for you. It's easy for parents and fun for kids.

Children Respond to Musical Reminders

Music and blinking lights get children's attention in a way that's gentle and entertaining. When toddlers are busy playing, getting their attention for toilet training can sometimes be a challenge. A child wearing a Potty Watch actually stops what they're doing and gets your attention to help them go potty.

Experts Advise Parents to Make Toilet Training Fun

From sinking cherrios to reading Once Upon a Potty, experts are stressing how important the fun factor is to potty training. Creating a high-stress situation in which children are unhappy about potty training can leave parents frustrated and children wet.